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Erika oil spill 20 years later...11/12/2019

On December 12th, 1999, the tanker Erika broke in two in Southern Brittany causing an oil spill that will be devastating for our coasts. The following video is an overview of the work carried out by our teams during this disaster whose sad memories still intact 20 years later...

CEDRE Technical Information Day03/12/2019

We would like to thank the CEDRE for inviting us as a speaker for the one-day conference organised in Brest whose theme was "The evolution of oil spill response : international situation, work of CEDRE and its partners in the field, trends and expectations for the future in France".

We have been asked by CEDRE to make an intervention as a speaker on the theme "Shoreline response : Response strategy". Our experience in the management of oil spills for more than 50 years has enabled us to make a retrospective of the pollutions on which Le Floch Depollution has intervened and thus be able to make an assessment on the developments and evolutions in this area.

Opération de nettoyage des macro-déchets - Morgat / Camaret sur Mer01/07/2019

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